Today were going to blog according to our current weather in South Africa and there's only one way to describe todays weather and that would be BRRRrrrrr!!!. At this vey moment were both opting to be in our beds at this very moment but since were both working in the events industry is one we work crazy hours including weekends. Since we cant be in our warm beds right now we try and do the next best thing and that's trying to be warm yet still look good. Here are some looks we do recommend in this freezing weather.
We love our sweaters and hoodies in cold weather. They warm
but they do make us look cool :)

Snoods are thee best thing ever all you have to do
is wrap it around  you twice and u look awesome already.

Beanies are a must for us in cold weather, they
give our outfits that urban edge. One word DOPE!

Cute stockings to keep your legs warm on those chilli

WEEEELLLLIEEEESSS!!!! One of the reason why we love wellingtons
just for the fact that we can play in puddles and stomp our way
through any kind of terrain.
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