ELGYDIUM // New Cool Lemon Whitening Toothpaste

Beauty is accompanied by a great smile, and a great smile is greater with White Teeth!

Two weeks ago we received Elgydium's New Cool Lemon whitening toothpaste to test and review, from Rubybox. Now, to be honest, when I first got the products I was a little scared of trying them out, as I grew up with gum problems that took me a while to sort out and get rid of, so trying a new toothpaste, with an effect of whitening teeth was a scary thing to do. So, I started using it immediately and, after the first time of using it, my teeth already felt different, with no plague and great freshness in my mouth. The toothpaste doesn't have an overpowering taste, its very light/cool and has very little foam in the mouth. My teeth felt smoother after the first use and I have been using it for two weeks now and feel good, I found more comfort when I used it as suggested on the pack, which is 2- 3 a day. 

As you can see the treatment comes in small tubes, that I can now keep in my make-up bag, to brush on the go a day when I've had a heavy lunch.  

See my Before and After pics here below, I am fairly satisfied considering the fact that, the effect is in my control. please read more about the product here 


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